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la mer eye concentrate setla mer moisturising cream 30ml la mer gel cream dupe

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La Mer Eye Concentrate Treatment Regime What To Use and How to Use Them AD

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It has been an exciting time for La Mers eye category with the recent reboot and upgrade of their iconic The Eye Concentrate. I am as obsessed with it as I am the famous The Concentrate for face which had a recent update. I have been exploring all the La Mer Eye Treatments and have put together a guide of which one to use when, and how to use them. Heres what you need to know. Enjoy!

I think you are probably aware of my obsession with La Mer products. Whenever my skin is feeling sensitive, looking stressed, or it needs a general boost, I reach for them straight away. I have quite a few staples firmly in my skincare routine and the eye care is very much a part of that. I have seen some brilliant results.

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There are three products within the collection, each of which come with their own application tools that really boost the efficacy of the formulas:

I use all three products in an eye ritual which works really well for me. The hero is The Eye Concentrate which I have been using for the longest, and I am loving it even more since its formula upgrade. It now has 3 time more of La Mers proprietary ingredient, the Miracle Broth.

The Eye Concentrate was first launched more than 10 years ago, and has become a cult product in the beauty community and for skincare lovers everywhere.  It was originally formulated to take care of the delicate skin around the eye area (which is up to three times thinner than any other skin on the face) and is under increased environmental pressure from pollution.

With increased levels of pollution, we are seeing more inflammation which leads to skin ageing and supressed natural skin renewal, so La Mer took on the challenge of improving their tried and trusted formula, making it faster-acting and more concentrated.

The new La Mer Eye Concentrate for 2021, with an infusion of triple the Concentrated Miracle Broth, works to rapidly soothe, deeply hydrate, and visibly energise the fragile eye area. It has been proven to reduce the look of dark circles, lines and wrinkles. Importantly, it also helps to prevent future visible damage.

I absolutely love the texture of this eye cream. Its intensely and instantly hydrating and I love how it makes my eyes look smooth and fresh pretty much as soon as I apply it. It is the perfect night-time eye treat and I always wake up looking rested. The formula is extremely effective at lifting up the darkness and blue tint below my eyes towards the inner corners.

I used to apply with my fingers, but after receiving a bit of advice from La Mers education manager on a zoom call, I have incorporated the tool that comes with the product into my regime and now love it even more. Its super cooling and smoothing and really helps to increase microcirculation to refresh and revive. Its also so therapeutic after a long day.

I have been applying this on top of The Lifting Eye Serum which has been a revelation when it comes to smoothing the crepiness on my lids. More on that later in this post!

The formula contains La Mers cell-renewing Miracle Broth, and also time-release Encapsulated Miracle Broth. It provides a cocooning infusion of hydration and energises the skin to support natural renewal.

Another key element of The Eye Concentrate is this rich concentration of brightening molasses and soothing Recovery Kelp in the Clarity Ferment. It brightens the look of dark circles and smooths out lines and wrinkles for a rested and renewed appearance.

This is La Mers powerful signature antioxidant complex which defends against free radical damage and increased exposure to pollution.

This is a newer addition to my eye care ritual and I love to use it in the morning as it is an expert de-puffer.  This product was designed to tackle the accumulation of fluids to make the eyes appear less puffy so its the perfect morning solution.

As well as a triple concentration of La Mers The Miracle Broth, this formula contains the Marine De-Puff Ferment and exclusive Lifting Ferment. The balm delivers an intense burst of cooling hydration and helps to reduce the look eye bags.

I absolutely love how light and cooling this texture feels on my eyes first thing in the morning. I use the applicator that comes with it to dot it around the eye area and then I work it around the eye contour to help drain away fluid that has accumulated overnight and smooth out fine lines.

This formula gives the delicate skin an instant hydration boost, and really plumps up the skin for a lovely rested and renewed look to the complexion. My concealer applies beautifully on top, and the area stays nice and hydrated throughout the day, even when Ive been staring at a screen non-stop.

It is also ideal to tap over makeup with your fingertips if your skin needs a boost. If I was using a handbag right now, Id keep it in there!

A triple dose! The Eye Balm Intense formula contains the Original Miracle Broth, a concentrated form Miracle Broth and also encapsulated Miracle Broth that is released over time to ensure the eye is cared for and intensely hydrated throughout the day.

The Eye Balm Intenses The Marine De-Puff Fermentis derived from an energy-rich Deep Sea Red Algae. This is a super powerful type of algae because it grows in the darkest depths of the sea and is therefore forced to absorb light and photosynthesise in a unique way.

This undergoes an extensive bio-fermentation process and is combined with a rare tourmaline known for its piezoelectric properties (has an electric charge). Together these ingredients are embedded in a Smart Sea Gel which expands and contracts to deliver ingredients deep into the skins surface to reenergise the skin and decrease visible puffiness.

This Ferment comprises a combination of La Mers Marine Peptide Ferment, Phyto Ferment, and Mineral Ferment. This blend has been developed to strengthen the skins natural support system, to improve firmness, deliver a more lifted look. It also boosts clarity and brightness, helps improve the natural production of collagen and elastin.

This is one of my newer discoveries and I am absolutely addicted. It has a very effective lifting and tightening complex, combined with the iconic Miracle Broth and it creates the most amazing base for further eye treatments. It really does help restore the architecture of the eye area.

I have been using this under both The Eye Concentrate and The Eye Balm Intense and it provides the best base for eye cream I have ever come across. Its like a little mini lift for the entire eye area and I when I use the flat part of the applicator over my lids, I literally feel like I am ironing out the skin to create a really smooth look. Its amazing.

I put a tiny dot on each lid and smooth it out with the flat side. Then I pop a tiny drop under each eye and use the rounded side of the tool to massage it in to the skin and really boost circulation. I also use the applicator in tiny circles over individual lines. My eyes appear instantly lifted and awake.

Its a gorgeous silky serum that sinks in effortless, and although it tightens, it doesnt feel tight which I think is incredibly important. The Eye Concentrate and The Eye Balm Intense layer on top beautifully.

Derived from Red Algae, this works to form an interlaced elastic net, helping to smooth out the skin around the eye and help lift the brow area. It is combined with kelp gel, which is a natural lifting polymer, to further sculpt the skin.

This is created specifically for the eye area to support the delicate skin. It uses a fermented blend of perennial Brown Algae, and copper-rich Blue Algae combined with marine peptides, to stimulate elastin production.

If you feel like you need some extra lifting and smoothing, then I recommend using The Lifting Eye Serum as your first step in your eye care regime both day and night. As I said above, it visibly irons out the whole area and creates structure for the following treatments.

For day, use the Eye Balm Intense as it is great for de-puffing and helps drain away fluid that builds up overnight. For night, use The Eye Concentrate so that it can deeply hydrate throughout the night and work on any areas of darkness.

If darkness is your main concern, and you just want to tackle that, then go for The Eye Concentrate. It will work to brighten the area, while delivering a long lasting hit of hydration and smoothing out fine lines. If you are staring at a screen all day, and your eyes feel strained and tired, this will provide some much needed relief, and you will look much more rested for your zoom meetings.

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The price of the kit is 180, however the value is 260, plus the exclusive silk eye mask. 180 is the price of the full size of The Eye Concentrate, so you get everything else for free.

As I said, this has been created in limited quantities to keep it exclusive, so make sure you snap it up. I am a huge fan of The Concentrate, Crme de la Mer and the Eye Balm Intense, and the kit includes these products in generous sizes so you will have a great opportunity to try them out.

So many of you have said youd love to try those before you buy, so this is your chance.

Please let me know if you have any questions, and stay tuned to thehomepageandInstagramfor news on all the latest launches and products. The Facebook page ishere.

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