french perfume brands for ladieswhat is mens perfume called

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french perfume brands for ladieswhat is mens perfume called

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Discover the best perfumes to buy in Paris. From iconic French fragrances such as Chanel No 5 to niche brands like Ex Nihilo, these are the top French perfumes to invest in

Dior Miss Dior is one of the most celebrated perfumes in the beauty industry. First launched in 1947 as a tribute to Christian Diors sister Catherine, it is a sweet fragrance with powerful notes of Grasse rose, jasmine grandiflorum, Indonesian patchouli and Italian mandarin.

Frdric Malle Portrait of a Lady scent, €190

With four boutiques in Paris, Frdric Malles presence is hard to ignore. Devised by Dominique Ropion, Portrait of a Lady is a modern classic and one of the brands most famous scents. The fragrance is a modern spin on traditional rose fragrances, adding notes of patchouli, cinnamon, sandalwood and musk to create a strikingly evocative scent.

Guerlain Samsara eau de parfum, €184

Guerlains Samsara is one of the houses most famous fragrances. The powerful ylang-ylang perfume is widely praised in the industry for its intoxicating notes of sandalwood, jasmine and ylang-ylang which, together with woody accords, make for an intriguing oriental scent.

The famous teardrop-shaped bottle of Dior Jadore is a constant in the beauty cabinets of discerning fragrance lovers. First launched in 1999, Jadore is a global bestseller and a timeless French fragrance, made with a blend of ylang-ylang, damask rose and a duo of jasmines.

Think of French perfumes and Chanel No 5 is sure to spring to mind. Among the houses extraordinary fragrance portfolio, it is Chanel No 5 that has set the precedent as the worlds most iconic perfume. Created in 1921, it is named after the number of the sample presented to Coco Chanel by perfumer Ernest Beaux. Made up of jasmine, rose, sandalwood and vanilla it is instantly recognisable and a timeless souvenir of Paris.

Annick Goutal Eau dHadrien eau de parfum, €75

Eau dHadrien was Annick Goutals first fragrance and remains one of the brands top-selling perfumes. Inspired by the terraces of Tuscany, lined with lemon and cypress trees, the perfume is a love letter to Italian summers. This timeless citrus fragrance draws on zesty notes of Sicilian lemon, green mandarin and bergamot.

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle eau de parfum, €120

Inspired by Coco Chanel herself, Coco Mademoiselle is a bold, fresh scent made with the brands signature jasmine. Added notes of rose, patchouli and vetiver contribute to an oriental, woody fragrance that recalls the spirit of Chanel.

Ex Nihilo Fleur Narcotique eau de parfum, €180

Cutting-edge Parisian fragrance house Ex Nihilo is a go-to brand for those wanting to escape the mass-produced perfumes. The brands collections are bold and covetable, and Fleur Narcotique is one of its most intoxicating scents. Lovers of floral fragrances are sure to appreciate the sweet floral notes of bergamot, peony, orange blossom and peach, while sensual notes of wood, moss and musk leave the perfect seductive trail.

Lovers of oriental fragrances are sure to be familiar with YSL Opium. The iconic fragrance has been updated to combine notes of Casablanca lily, gardenia, rose, incense and amber in a dangerously addictive scent.

Diptyque Eau Duelle eau de toilette, €70

Diptyque opened its first store in 1961 at 34 boulevard Saint-Germain, and is now one of the most recognised French fragrance and scented candle brands in Europe. Eau Duelle is one of its most iconic scents. Combining notes of dark frankincense with white vanilla, this warm and spicy fragrance takes the wearer on an exotic journey.

Paris is home to many perfume houses, some of which have been established for centuries. As a result, perfume is one of the best souvenirs to buy in Paris and, with so many specialist perfume boutiques and historic perfume houses located in the city, it has never been easier to find iconic French fragrances. In this gallery we take you through some of the topFrench fragrancesto invest in, from timeless classics to the modern, cutting-edge Parisian fragrances that are setting the beauty world alight. From the world-famous Chanel No 5 to cool unisex fragrances from Diptyque to Guerlains seductive Samsara, these are the best French perfumes you need to buy while youre in Paris.

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