perfume sampler set kohls perfume sampler set 2021

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perfume sampler set kohls perfume sampler set 2021

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EIGHT MINIATURE CZECH PERFUME BOTTLES AND PHOENIX VASE. Czechoslovakia, mid 20th century. Eight jeweled miniature perfume bottles, some with polychrome,

ARISTO (Czech) Perfume bottle in purple crystal with enameled and jeweled filigree metalwork, with dauber, 1920s. Stenciled line CZECHOSLOVAKIA, metal

THREE CZECH PERFUME BOTTLES. Czechoslovakia. Two jeweled, smokey glass-one with carved glass stopper, 5.5h. and, the other with brass filigree stopper,

HOFFMAN (Czech) Perfume bottle in purple crystal with unique jeweled metalwork, two putti stopper with dauber stub, 1920s. Metal tag CZECHOSLOVAKIA. 6

MORLEE (Czech) Perfume bottle in blue and clear crystal with jeweled metalwork, putto stopper with dauber stub, 1920s. Stenciled oval MADE IN CZECHOSLOVAKIA,

CZECH Perfume bottle in blue and clear crystal with enameled and jeweled filigree metalwork each side, on lapis ball feet, dancer stopper with dauber,

CZECH Perfume bottle in pink crystal with jeweled metalwork, 1920s. Stenciled oval MADE IN CZECHOSLOVAKIA. 5 1/8

IRICE (Czech) Perfume bottle in black and clear crystal with enameled and jeweled metalwork, with dauber stub, 1920s. Stenciled circle MADE IN CZECHOSLOVAKIA,

CZECH Perfume bottle in black and clear crystal with enameled and jeweled metalwork, with dauber stub, 1920s. Metal tag CZECHOSLOVAKIA. 4 1/4

CZECH Perfume bottle in clear and frosted crystal, with nude stopper, 1920s. Stenciled oval MADE IN CZECHOSLOVAKIA. 8 1/2

Crystal group, with six Waterford items: punchbowl, covered dish, small decanter with stopper, small bowl, raised bowl, chimney; glass bell, unmarked;

HOFFMAN (Czech) Perfume bottle in blue crystal with stylized jeweled metalwork, highly detailed stopper with dauber, 1930s. Stopper highly detailed. Intaglio

CZECH Perfume bottle in clear crystal with elaborate jeweled metalwork, seated lovers stopper with dauber, 1920s. 5 3/4

DECORATIVE GROUP; Four pieces: tall Camark pottery vase in orange crackle glaze, Austrian bronze-mounted inkwell, Czech perfume bottle, and porcelain ring

Four (4) Waterford and Czech Crystal Perfume Bottles. Includes: two Waterford perfume bottles, Waterford perfume atomizer, and Czech amber colored perfume

1930s Czech Crystal Figural Perfume Bottle Czechoslovakia, circa 1920s. A figural crystal perfume bottle flacon having a floral molded stopper over the

739. A Lot of Decorative Glass Items Including Czech & Kosta Boda A lot of decorative glass items including: a Sunflower perfume bottle with stopper,

Lot 637 Property from the Estate of William H. Blanning Group of Four Eastern European Glass Paperweights and a Scent Bottle The first, a clear

476. A Czech Figural Nude Perfume Bottle in Pink Glass A Czech figural nude perfume bottle, ca.1920s, fashioned in pink glass with partially frosted

Czech Art Deco Malachite Glass Perfume Bottle Czechoslovakian Art Deco malachite glass cherubs perfume bottle with atomizer nozzle, the underside with

THREE SCENT BOTTLES & A SNUFF BOTTLE 4 pieces; scent bottles include (1) hand enameled cranberry glass bottle 4L; (1) natural shell bottle 2H; (1)

OUTSTANDING PERFUME BOTTLE COLLECTION: Featuring a De Vilbiss cranberry glass, 6 3/4 tall; also to include, black Czech bottle with metal mounts, pink

Two cut glass wine stems and a Czech malachite glass scent bottle 1) wine stems with square base 5 1/2 in. H.; 2) malachite bottle with relief images of

THREE CZECH GLASS PERFUME BOTTLES. Czechoslovakia, early-mid 20th century. One deep blush color cut glass bottle with clear stopper, 7.25h., and one

SEVEN PERFUME BOTTLES; Perfume bottle group including five Victorian bottles, ca. 1900s, crystal, glass and porcelain, capped with silver or brass, and

SIX COLLECTIBLES: Steuben gold art glass perfume marked DeVilbiss underfoot height 5.50; Italian scent bottle and covered box with mille-flori cover;

Group of four dresser pieces including set of Czech Art Deco intaglio glass ash trays, Holm jeweled perfume bottle with atomizer and Crown Perfume Lavender

Czech Blue Glass Perfume Bottle, Attr. to Hoffman Attributed to Heinrich Hoffman(Czechoslovakian, 1875 - 1939 ) circa 1930s. Art Deco brilliant blue glass

LANGLOIS Shari perfume bottle in Czech crystal with raised enameled detail, sealed, with label, c. 1925. Stenciled BOTTLE MADE IN CZECHOSLOVAKIA. 4

Vintage Perfume Bottle cludes Lubin, Atuana Guerlin, Prince Atchabelli, two gilded atomizer type, La Fete des Roses Caron, Czech cut gass, French

ESTATE COLLECTION OF 7 GLASS PERFUMES: An assembled collection of 7 perfume bottles to include 1) Sterling overlay green glass with stopper, 3 1/2 h.

Group of 4 Czech Glass Perfume Bottles, F. Halama Frantisek Halama Company of Zelezny Brod (Czechoslovakia, founded 1932). Group of four Art Deco style

3pc Antique Czechoslovakia Crystal Dresser Set. C 3pc Antique Czechoslovakia Crystal Dresser Set. Clear crystal with engraved floral design with black

SIX ASSORTED ART GLASS PIECES: De Vilbiss gold perfume 5.5H; Italian scent bottle covered box with mille-fiori lid; Czech blue and clear cut glass perfume;

1930s Schlevogt Hoffman Blue Rose Perfume Bottle Heinrich Hoffmann (Czechoslovakian, 1875-1939 ) and Henry Gnther Schlevogt (Czechoslovakian, 1904-1984),

Style of Pesnicak Red Art Deco Perfume Bottle Czechoslovakia, circa 1920s. An opaque red Art Deco perfume bottle in the style of Pesnicak, with an molded,

Huge Collection of Vintage Perfume Bottles. Includes several Guerilain Shalimar bottles (one is Baccarat), Czech art deco bottles, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent,

HOFFMAN (Czech) Shoe-shaped perfume bottle in black crystal with jade knot stopper and enameled and jeweled metalwork, 1920s. First published documentation.

A LALIQUE & CZECH CRYSTAL PERFUMES, 2 pieces. The Lalique, made for the Lalique Society, signed and Lalique, dated 1994 underfoot, 3 H x 4.5 W; together

TWO ART GLASS PERFUME BOTTLES: a signed Ingrid, Czech, amber flower form, with clear stopper, 5.25H; together with a pink and white perfume, clear base

EIGHT CZECH MINIATURE GLASS PERFUME BOTTLES. Each in salmon glass some with clear glass. With floral and faceted decoration and daubers. One with a stopper

Two Pink Glass Deco Perfume Bottles The first a molded glass ribbed bottle with ribbed curved stopper unmarked 5H. Second a cut pink glass bottle with

Marquis Waterford Crystal Perfume BottleFrom an estate that collected fine perfume bottles. Has the original ground stopper sticker and watermarked on

HOFFMAN Perfume bottle in frosted purple crystal, with dauber, 1920s. Raised HOFFMAN mark on bottle and stopper, stenciled circle MADE IN CZECHOSLOVAKIA.

A Czech Pink and Black Perfume Bottle and a French bottle with figural stopper, 2 1/2 h. S

FOUR CZECH GREEN GLASS MINIATURE PERFUME BOTTLES. In lime green and emerald green glass. One with a cupid decorated stopper. 2 1/2 h. to 3 1/2 h.

FIVE CZECH AMETHYST GLASS MINIATURE PERFUME BOTTLES. Three with amethyst bottles and clear glass stoppers with floral decoration roses and lily of the

A Czech Republic Glass Perfume Bottle Deco clear glass bottle with intaglio etched stopper of a woman gazing at her image in a looking glass label on the

Art Deco lapis glass factice perfume bottle circa 1925 mottled glass bottle with nude female figure fitted with silk wrapped atomizer; marked: Czechoslovakia.

19th C CZECH OPALINE GLASS: 3 piece group to include two perfume bottles. 1) Ring neck stopper pink edging 6 tall. 2) Cobalt rim bottle 5 1/2 tall.

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