California Watercolor Paintings of Cardiff, Carlsbad, Coronado, Del Mar, Encinitas, La Jolla, Los Angeles, Oceanside, Rancho Santa Fe, San Diego, San Francisco, Solana Beach
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Title # Title - Museum Quality Matted & Framed Framed
Size In Inches

Approximate Image Size
In Inches

Prices in US $
0354 5-6-7-8 In the Paddock 30x24 22x16 SOLD
0480 4th Race at Del Mar 16x20 10x14 SOLD
0660 A Collection of Drinks 32x40 20x29 2,575.00
R292 Ash & Second Avenue in SD Redux 22x28 13x19 1,375.00
0655 Away They Go at Del Mar 11x14 6x9 SOLD
0452 Bathers at the Hotel Del Coronado 20x16 14x10 SOLD
0579 Batiquitos Lagoon Carlsbad California 30x40 19x29 SOLD
0577 Batiquitos Lagoon Marshland 20x26 13x19 SOLD
0302 Bay Park from University of San Diego 16x22 9.75x15.75 475.00
0444 Beach & Lifeguard Tower at La Jolla 16x20 10x14 375.00
0438 Beach at Swami's Encinitas 20x26 13x19 SOLD
0616 Beach Flowers at the Del 30x24 21x15 1,975.00
0519 Beach Umbrellas at the Del 16x20 10x14 SOLD
0637 Bench at Powerhouse Beach 16x20 9x13 SOLD
0652 Big Sur Cottage 24x30 15.5x21.5 SOLD
0120 Birds of Paradise #4 Left 28x22 19.25x13.75 875.00
0121 Birds of Paradise #5 Right 28x22 19.25x13.75 SOLD
0506 Bluffs at Torrey Pines South 20x26 12x18 SOLD
0527 Cactus Garden Powerhouse Beach 20x26 12x18 SOLD
0589 California Mission San Luis Rey 24x30 16x22 SOLD
0567 California Wine & Watercolors 30x24 22x16 SOLD
0632 Cardiff Restaurant Row 20x26 12x18 SOLD
0648 Carlsbad Coastline 30x24 19x13 1,575.00
0353 Carlsbad Flower Fields 20x26 13x19 SOLD
0502 Carlsbad Rt 101 20x26 13x19 SOLD
0544 Cedar Fire San Diego 2003 24x30 16x22 1,475.00
0477 Charthouse Coronado 16x20 10x14 SOLD
R204 Chickens at Twin Inns Carlsbad Redux 20x24 12.5x16.5 SOLD
0458 Children's Pool in La Jolla 24x30 16x22 SOLD
0611 Clouds over Torrey Pines 24x30 13x19 1,375.00
0560 Coast Hwy 101 Carlsbad California 20x26 12x18 SOLD
0479 Coast Walk La Jolla 20x16 14x10 SOLD
0369 Coastal Swimming Pool 22x28 14x20 SOLD
0490 Community Center at Del Mar 20x26 13x19 SOLD
0508 Coronado Beach & Navy Ships 24x30 16x22 SOLD
0522 Coronado Boathouse and Palms 26x20 14x10 SOLD
0596 Coronado Boathouse Reflected 24x30 16x22 SOLD
0630 Coronado Island California 20x26 12x18 SOLD
0523 Coronado Shores 24x30 13x19 SOLD
0564 Del Coronado Boathouse 30x24 19x13 SOLD
0513 Del Coronado Spirits 32x26 22x16 SOLD
0141 Del Mar Fair at Night 23x30 15x22 SOLD
0662 Downtown Rancho Santa Fe 24x30 16x22 SOLD
0498 Driftwood at Torrey Pines 20x26 12x18 SOLD
0437 Driving to Pechanga 16x20 10x14 SOLD
0586 El Cortez Reflected 11x14 6x9 SOLD
0650 Encinitas California 30x40 19x29 2,975.00
0651 Encinitas Vertical 26x20 14x10 SOLD
0578 Eucalyptus Trees at Batiquitos Lagoon 24x30 13x19 SOLD
0468 Evening at Heritage Park San Diego 16x20 8x12 SOLD
0291 First Avenue in San Diego 20x26 13x19 775.00
0507 Flat Rock & Bluffs at Torrey Pines 24x30 16x22 SOLD
0404 Flat Rock at Torrey Pines 30x24 22x16 SOLD
0156 Fountain at Cafe Del Rey Moro 28x50 18x40 SOLD
0495 Fuel Dock at Shelter Island 20x26 12x18 SOLD
0496 Fuel Dock Shelter Island San Diego 30x40 20x30 SOLD
0331 Gale Cafe on Wilshire Blvd 30x24 22x16 1,875.00
0558 Golden Gate Bridge in Side View Mirror 16x20 10x14 SOLD
0634 Glorietta Bay Marina 20x26 12x18 SOLD
0289 Golden Hill (Small) 16x20 10x14 375.00
0677 Hanggliders and Birds at Torrey Pines 20x26 12x18 975.00
0581 Heritage Park Old Town 11x14 6x9 SOLD
0488 Horizontal Cliffs at Torrey Pines 20x26 12x18 SOLD
0395 Horton Plaza San Diego 36x28 28x20 SOLD
0580 Hotel Del Coronado 24x30 16x22 SOLD
0499 Hotel Del Coronado Beach 16x20 10x14 SOLD
0500 Hotel Del Coronado Palm Trees 20x16 14x10 SOLD
0521 Hotel Del Coronado Reflected 26x20 14x10 SOLD
0530 House among Date Palms in Indio 20x26 12x18 775.00
0520 House on Crest Del Mar 24x30 16x22 1,275.00
0585 Immaculate Conception Church Old Town 11x14 6x9 SOLD
0649 Inn at Rancho Santa Fe 24x30 15x21 SOLD
0512 Johnnie Walker 20x26 12x18 SOLD
0435 Julian Hotel in Winter 16x20 10x14 SOLD
0414 La Jolla California 35x40 23x31 SOLD
0483 La Jolla Coast 26x20 19x13 775.00
0451 La Valencia Hotel & Cypress 16x20 10x14 SOLD
0418 Lago Lindo Rancho Santa Fe 26x34 18x26 SOLD
0417 Lago Lindo Rancho Santa Fe Dusk 26x34 18x26 SOLD
0511 Lake Hodges San Diego 24x30 16x22 SOLD
0639 Lakeside California 30x40 19x29 2,975.00
0351 Lifeguard Station at Moonlight Beach 30x24 22x16 975.00
0517 Lifeguard Trucks at Oceanside Pier 16x26 10x19 SOLD
0638 Lilies on an Easel 30x24 21x15 SOLD
0470 Lily Pond & Botanical Garden 20x26 13x19 SOLD
0190 Lomas Santa Fe 27x37 19x29 1,175.00
0528 Los Penasquitos Creek Torrey Pines 20x26 12x18 SOLD
0676 Los Penasquitos Looking East 24x30 15.5x21.5 1,975.00
0654 Mission Beach San Diego 24x30 16x22 1,975.00
0295 Mission San Diego De Alcala 22x28 14x20 SOLD
0411 Mission San Luis Rey 20x26 13x19 SOLD
0387 Mission through Car Window 16x20 10x14 SOLD
0462 Moon over Coronado Boathouse 20x26 13x19 SOLD
0319 Moonlight Beach with Cypress 24x35 16x24 SOLD
0582 Mission Bay Park with Palms 14x11 9x6 SOLD
0587 Museum of Man Balboa Park 14x11 9x6 SOLD
0661 New Carlsbad Flower Fields 26x20 18x12 SOLD
0402 New Del Mar Race Track 26x34 18x26 SOLD
0569 New England Kitchen Window 20x26 13x19 SOLD
0481 New Paddock at Del Mar 36x28 27x19 SOLD
0702 New Tidelands Park Coronado 24x30 16x22 1,975.00
0493 North County Coastline Revisited 26x20 19x13 SOLD
0671 Oceanside California 24x30 16x22 SOLD
0531 Oceanside Harbor 20x26 13x19 SOLD
0515 Oceanside Pier 20x26 13x19 SOLD
0584 Old Batiquitos Lagoon 11x14 6x9 SOLD
0474 On the Bridge to Coronado 26x20 18x12 SOLD
0465 Orange Ball with Hotel Del Coronado 26x20 19x13 SOLD
0646 Pacific Coast Hwy Del Mar 24x30 16x22 SOLD
0475 Pacific Coast Hwy & Torrey Pines 20x26 13x19 SOLD
0395 Pala Mesa Golf Course 20x26 13x19 775.00
0533 Paradise at the Hotel Del Coronado 20x16 14x10 SOLD
0612 Penasquitos Sunset 20x26 13x19 SOLD
0484 Point Loma Lighthouse with Clouds 16x20 10x14 SOLD
0485 Point Loma Lighthouse 20x26 13x19 SOLD
0590 Point Loma, Rocks, Waves & Seagulls 20x16 14x10 SOLD
0633 Ponto Beach Carlsbad California 20x26 12x18 SOLD
0476 Powerhouse Park Del Mar 20x26 13x19 SOLD
0524 Rancho Santa Fe Center 20x26 12x18 SOLD
0422 Rancho Santa Fe Golf Course 24x30 16x22 SOLD
0352 Ranunculi and Palm Trees 20x26 13x19 675.00
0454 Reflection of the Hotel Del Coronado 20x16 14x10 SOLD
0605 Robert's Cottages Oceanside 20x26 12x18 SOLD
0591 Sacred Heart Church Coronado 20x26 19x13 SOLD
0701 San Diego Fantasy 24x30 16x22 1,975.00
0401 San Diego Skyline & Convention Ctr 28x36 20x28 SOLD
0400 San Diego Skyline with Meridien 26x34 18x26 SOLD
0607 San Elijo Campground Cardiff 20x26 12x18 SOLD
0557 San Francisco Tiburon Ferry 20x26 12x18 SOLD
0534 Scripps Pier La Jolla 24x30 16x22 SOLD
0382 Sea View Del Mar 26x34 18x26 SOLD
0467 Seagrove Park Del Mar 20x26 13x19 SOLD
0514 Seagull & Pt Loma 20x26 13x19 SOLD
0554 Seagulls at Oceanside Pier California 24x30 16x22 SOLD
0583 Serra Museum & USD 14x11 9x6 SOLD
0440 Shell Beach La Jolla 35x40 21x30 SOLD
0473 Shelter at Wind 'n Sea La Jolla 20x26 13x19 SOLD
0608 Solana Beach California 24x30 13x19 SOLD
0492 Solana Beach Ocean View 26x20 19x13 SOLD
0415 Spring View from Del Dios Hwy 20x26 13x19 SOLD
0636 Spring View of Torrey Pines 30x24 21x15 SOLD
0561 Sunset Cliffs Point Loma 26x20 18x12 SOLD
0594 Sunset View from Torrey Pines 20x26 12x18 SOLD
0593 Sunset View of Torrey Pines 24x30 15x21 SOLD
0553 Surf View Oceanside Pier California 20x26 12x18 SOLD
0595 Surfer Dude at Fletcher Cove 26x20 18x12 SOLD
0606 Surfer Girl at Fletcher Cove 26x20 18x12 975.00
0509 Surfer at Tres Palms Del Mar 20x26 11x17 SOLD
0510 Surfers Gathering at Del Mar Beach 24x30 14x20 SOLD
0486 Surfers on PCH at Torrey Pines 24x30 16x22 SOLD
0487 Surfers on PCH at Torrey Pines #2 16x20 9x13 SOLD
0482 Surfers on PCH Del Mar 20x26 13x19 SOLD
0461 Tide Lands Park Coronado 20x26 13x19 SOLD
0529 Three Seagulls at Coronado Beach 26x20 18x12 SOLD
0538 Torrey Pines California Coastline 30x24 21.25x15.25 SOLD
0449 Torrey Pines Commute 24x30 16x22 SOLD
0450 Torrey Pines Dusk 20x26 13x19 SOLD
0526 Torrey Pines Gliderport 24x30 16x22 1,475.00
0518 Torrey Pines Golf Course #1 20x26 13x19 SOLD
0672 Torrey Pines Guy Fleming Trail 30x24 21.5x15.5 SOLD
0559 Torrey Pines in Side View Mirror 16x20 10x14 SOLD
0494 Torrey Pines Inlet 26x20 18x12 SOLD
0497 Torrey Pines Reflection 20x26 12x18 SOLD
0395 Twilight at San Elijo Manchester Exit 16x26 10x16 SOLD
0472 Twilight at Torrey Pines Bluffs 20x26 12x18 SOLD
0673 Two Girls at Dog Beach 26x20 18x12 1,375.00
0588 USD 14x11 9x6 SOLD
0674 Valley Center California 24x30 15x21 1,975.00
0489 Vertical Cliffs at Torrey Pines 26x20 18x12 SOLD
0552 Vertical Oceanside Pier California 26x20 14x10 SOLD
0525 View from Torrey Pines Del Mar 24x30 16x22 SOLD
0412 Village of Rancho Santa Fe 20x26 13x19 SOLD
0433 Walking to the Hotel Del Coronado 16x20 10x14 SOLD
0598 Wedding Bowl La Jolla California 30x24 22x16 SOLD
0330 Wilshire Blvd at Mansfield 35x24 24x16 1,875.00
0504 Win Place Show at Del Mar 20x26 13x19 SOLD
0478 Wind 'n Sea Beach La Jolla 20x26 12x16.5


0599 Winter Walk Del Mar 24x30 16x22 1,875.00
0600 With Friends at Stratford Square 20x16 14x10 SOLD
0565 Yellow Sailboat Oceanside 30x24 19x13 SOLD

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